Who We Are.

We would take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as MODAK COMPANY, a new promising initiative from Modak Marketing Company Pvt Ltd, Modak Distribution House and Lila Enterprise. Modak Company is a young brain child of their entrepreneurs who set their foot into the Real Estate and Food & Entertainment business since 2012. The success and achievement from our previous ventures has encouraged us to create our new initiative MODAK COMPANY. We can be called the new kids on the block for every new venture we take up, but these kids are really to watch out for as their mission and vision are not different from most entrepreneurs but their execution and presentation baffles many in the industry.

Millions of people walk everyday on the streets but it’s only the privileged few that leave an indelible imprint for the rest to follow. This passion of ours has motivated us to create and be associated with not only high street brands but also those who are the epitome of service and quality. We believe and practice quality both in our life and products and services. We have total faith in our diligent and disciplined team of professionals and experts who have helped us in attaining great heights. At Modak Company we are dedicated to provide superior quality of construction, timely delivery, modern amenities, value for money homes with ultimate satisfaction at the best locations in south 24 Parganas. Through our continuous effort we are procuring land and constructing stand-alone buildings as well as complexes for providing our new and old clients of having to choose between our already constructed or under construction properties.

Our ventures at MODAK COMPANY include promoting and developing land and buildings, Restaurant and Travel Company in the name and style of TravelMart. We are also the directors of SHAILA INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED and PERFECT REALITY having a total land bank of around 8 Bighas in and around Garia, 24 Parganas South. The prime reason for choosing Garia as our preferred area of work development is the connectivity through road, rail and metro and the expanding population of the area creating a demand for housing which extends to Sonarpur and Baruipur.

Our Vision

We are looking for the provisions of accommodations suitable for the greater part of the masses with ultimate satisfaction and reliability. We aim to achieve profitability by maximizing satisfaction of our customer base and uncompromising on quality and delivery timeline. We believe in quick turn around and satisfying our customers and investors. Our vision is to build affordable homes appealing to the class and the mass.

Our Team

Our team comprises of well-informed individuals who have the foresight and the patience to choose the right places at the right time. We also have a very well established network of expertise from the different part of the sector. We review each project with utmost care in calculating the viability of the project and focus on proper paperwork and utmost legalities. In the past and in present we acquire properties which do not only provide proper return on investments but have been appreciated by many.

Our Mission

At Modak Company a team of accomplished professionals continue to acquire and develop properties based on realistic values for new home buyers, our investors and joint venture partners. We are dedicated to maintain the highest quality of construction, with modern amenities at affordable prices.


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Susmita Modak


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